Weyard is the world of the Golden Sun universe. Being a flat world, the Gaia Falls are continuously eroding the world smaller and smaller. Weyard shows a high similarity to our own world.

[edit] Continents

Weyard is made up of 6 continents, each representing a real world culture and heritage.

  • Angara - The northern central landmass on Weyard. It is the largest and possibly the most populated continent, and bears referances to Europe, East Asia and the Near East.
  • Gondowan - This continent is directly south of Angara. Gondowan shows resemblances with Africa and the Middle East.
  • Indra - Indra is currently wedged in between Osenia and Southern Gondowan after an earthquake caused a huge tidal wave that moved it from it's original location farther north. Indra bears similarities with India.
  • Osenia - Osenia is located to the east of Indra and is the Easternmost of the continents. Osenia bears similarity to Oceania and Australia.
  • Hesperia - North of Atteka. It is inhabited by people resembling native North-Americans.
  • Atteka - Just south of Hesperia. The Jupiter Lighthouse is located here. The Anemos used to reside here, before traveling high in the skies. The continent resembles South America.
  • Tundaria - Just like the real world Antartica, Tundaria is barren of any civilization, and the only point of notice is the Tundaria Tower on the far west end of the continent.

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