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{{User:Relmutsie AN/Infobox
|title = Franck Songo'o
|image = [[Image:Franck Songo'o1.jpg‎]]
|imagecaption =

|Name :: Franck Steve Songo'o
|Age :: 21
|Nation :: [[Cameroon]]
|Position :: '''SMF'''
|Club Squad No. :: 11
|Nation Squad No. ::
|Key Stats :: Top Speed 83
Agility 80
Dribble Speed 80

These labels are not compulsory. You can choose what labels will be entered (for example, Name can be changed to Game, and therefore Franck Steve Songo'o to Golden Sun, and so on).

Image caption
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Label 2Data 2
Label 3Data 3
Label 4Data 4