Health2800 (Heals 80 per turn)
Attack Per Turn1
Toadonpa battered body lays over Dodonpa, leaving him trapped.

So, you thought you've seen the worst of bosses already? Not worse as in power. Worse as in LOOKS! Haha, this guy is a giant Toad basically. But look at this. Just like his master, he as "Onpa" at the end of his name. This makes this little, er hem, sorry BIG guy a bit unique. Now, you'll see this guy once you have met up with Dodonpa. Dodonpa will open a secret passage and the giant toad will attack you. Make sure you have healed prior to this because even though it looks easy, and for the most part is, this toad and pull out some pretty cool moves and can KO you if you don't pay attention. Be ever vigilant! And have fun!

[edit] Psynergy

None: Be thankful.

[edit] Skills

Acid Breath: (Originally Dark Blessing) The monster releases a toxic breath from his gaping mouth and attack multiple targets with the intentions of lower their defenses by 25% Trash: The monster jumps up into the air and crashes down onto a single party member. Can possible leave the targeted party member with 1 HP.

Rotten Blood: Throws, as the name suggests, rotten blood at a single target. Can possible lower the targets defense rating by 25%.

Sticky Poison: The monster attacks with a poison with the intentions of inflicting the poison Status Condition.

Attack: This is the monsters standard attack

[edit] Rewards

Beating this giant toad (Toadonpa) rewards you with 999 Experience points and 3200 coins, and the monster drops a Psy Crystal. If the player defeats Toadonpa with the attack of a Mars Djinni, its rewards increase to 1298 EXP and 4160 Coins.

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