Storm Lizard

Storm Lizard
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Attacks Per Turn1

AHHH! It's chasing me. Well, that's to be expected. This is a OPTIONAL BOSS. You can outrun him.

Okay then. This is just a bigger version of the other lizard enemies you have been fighting. Bigger and a lot more powerful. This thing will basically spam Jupiter based attacks, so make sure you have the equipment to resist it. See if you can find items that +Jupiter Resistance. Though, other than Sonic Slash and Wing Stroke, it's got nothing going for it. You should be able to beat this thing pretty damn easily. Good luck!


[edit] Moves

[edit] Psynergy

Storm Ray - Jupiter based attack. It hits 3 party members. It costs 10 PP.

Sonic Slash - Jupiter based attack. It hits 4 party members. It costs 24 PP.

Tempest - Jupiter based attack. It hits 4 party members. It costs 27 PP.

Impact - Increases attack stat. It costs 10 PP.

The Storm Lizard

[edit] Abilities

Wing Stroke - Jupiter based skill. Hits 2-3 party members.

[edit] Rewards

By defeating the Storm Lizard, you will receive 1300 EXP, 6100 coins, and a Psy Crystal.

[edit] Stratigies

This guy's PP meter will run out VERY soon, so don't worry. Just keep healing till he stop using psynergy, then attack normally.

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