Star Magician

Star Magicican
Attacks Per Turn2 (Without Adding Balls attacking)

The 'Star Magician is one of the 4 optional bosses that you must beat to get all the summons. The Star Magician is powerful in a sense, and very difficult since he is the only boss out of the 4 that can have himself healed.


[edit] Attacks

[edit] Psynergy

Megacool - A ice based attack that deal damage to the whole party. It costs 33 PP

Spark Plasma - A lightning based attack that deal damage to the whole party. It costs 37 PP.

[edit] Skills

Attack - Normal Attack.

Mine Ball - The Star Magician charges up a blue orb, and hurls it at one of the party members.

Mystic Call - If the Star Magician has 3 or less Balls on his side of the field, he will call another to fill in the ranks.

[edit] Battle Strategy

This boss is quite difficult because he can constantly guard and heal himself. The best solution to this problem is to GET RID OF THE GUARD AND REFRESH BALL. Their an annoyance that's not needed. Angry Balls can be a problem, but don't worry about them as long as you have someone ready to heal about 300 HP. Make sure to not take too long to take out the magician after you defeat the Guard and Protect Balls, since he can summon more of them. If you are having immense trouble with this fight, you could Summon Rush him, but that's the cheap method.

Try to get only Thunder Balls on his side of the field so he can summon Angry, Refresh, or Guard Balls to help him. The Thunder Balls usually use pretty weak Psynergy, so don't worry about them. The Star Magician has a weakness to Fire/Mars, so you should take advantage of that. After a while he'll go down and you'll have the summon Azul.

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