Slash Psynergy Series

The Slash series is a series of Jupiter Psynergy that consists of three wind-based offensive spells: Slash, Wind Slash, and Sonic Slash. It is available only to the Pilgrim and Ranger classes.

[edit] Slash

  • Cost: 4 PP
  • Base Power: 25
  • Range: One target

Description: Sends a blade of focused air to attack an enemy.

[edit] Wind Slash

  • Cost: 9 PP
  • Base Power: 50
  • Range: Three targets

Description: Sends three large blades of air swiftly through a group of enemies.

[edit] Sonic Slash

  • Cost: 20 PP
  • Base Power: 120
  • Range: Five targets

Description: Hurls a line of large blades of focused air into a group of enemies.

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