Reveal is a Jupiter elemental Psynergy that costs 1 PP. Reveal may not be used in battle, and only on the overworld. When cast, Reveal creates a circle around the caster that shows hidden things, while everything else on the screen is blackened out. Reveal ends once the caster leaves the circle. Reveal has been stated to be the sign that a Jupiter Adept has mastery over their powers. Both Ivan and Sheba know Reveal, although neither of them have truly gained control over their Psynergy. Hama, knowing the danger that would come of Saturos and Menardi, taught Ivan reveal prematurely so that the party could cross the Lamakan Desert and proceed. Sheba gained Reveal by climbing Air's Rock and touching the tablet there that bestowed to her Reveal. When there are eight objects placed in a circle around an area, there is usually something in the middle of the circle that can only be seen with Reveal. A downward arrow with a closed door nearby also signals that Reveal is to be used. Although there are other instances where Reveal may be used, those are the most common signs.

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