Psynergy is the short for "Psychic Energy" and it is what represents Magic Attacks in Golden Sun. For a list of all the Psynergy pages on this wiki, please head here


[edit] Types of Psynergy

Psynergy comes in four different elements:

Planet Represented Element
Jupiter Wind
Mars Fire
Mercury Water
Venus Earth

*Note: There are no light or dark specific attacks in Golden Sun. All the Psynergy is based in the four basic elements of the real world.

[edit] Psynergy List

There is a wide array of different Psynergy spells you can obtain as well. Also, there are four Psynergy spells you can't obtain in the game at all unless you use a cheating device and "hack" the game's code.

[edit] Jupiter Psynergy

[edit] Mars Psynergy

[edit] Mercury Psynergy

[edit] Venus Psynergy

Psynergy Psynergy Points Range (Targets) Power
Quake 4 3 12
Earthquake 7 5 35
Quake Sphere 15 7 65
Growth 4 1 25
Mad Growth 10 3 60
Wild Growth 19 5 110
Spire 5 1 40
Clay Spire 13 3 85
Stone Spire 22 3 160
Thorn 6 3 35
Briar 11 3 70
Nettle 23 5 140
Punji 7 3 45
Punji Trap 13 3 85
Punji Strike 24 5 150
Rockfall 5 3 30
Rockslide 15 5 90
Avalanche 30 5 160
Gaia 7 3 40
Mother Gaia 17 5 100
Grand Gaia 32 5 200

[edit] Unobtainable Psynergy

There are four Psynergy spells you can't obtain in Golden Sun games unless you play with the game's code. They are:

[edit] Arrow

This Psynergy is actually from the Jupiter element and it takes two Psynergy Points. No real uses have been discovered for this Psynergy except to light a torch in the game.

[edit] Aurora Field

This is restricted Psynergy has no element and it costs 0 magic points. It cures the heal meter of ALL the characters, including those that are dead, and has no restrictions on its range. It only works on the four Adepts that are in field though, not in those that are in the waiting line.

[edit] Magnet

This restricted Psynergy is from Venus and it costs 1 Psynergy Point. It has no real uses in the game and it is said that The Lost Age was going to feature a dungeon to use this Psynergy to get metallic objects nearby.

[edit] Reflect

This restricted Psynergy is from Mercury and it costs 5 Psynergy points. It's only used in battles and it has no real use.

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