Mind Read

Mind Read being cast on a person in Daila

Mind Read is a Jupiter elemental Psynergy that costs 1 PP. So far, the only Adepts that can use this Psynergy are Ivan and Sheba. Mind Read cannot be used in battle and may only be used on the overworld on living things. Casting Mind Read on someone will cause their thoughts at the moment to pop up on the screen. Although only Jupiter Adepts may use Mind Read, other Adepts may see the what the person who Mind Read is cast on is thinking as long as they are holding the hand of the Jupiter Adept. Adepts are able to tell when Mind Read is used on them, and if strong enough, block it or manipulate their thoughts so that the caster only sees what they want them to. There are others, such as the master of Fuchin Temple, that have trained themselves enough to tell when they are being Mind Read even without being an Adept. While Mind Read has many possible places it can be used, few of them are required by the plot.

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