Madra as it appears in the overworld.

Madra is the first big village you'll see in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and you'll find yourself doing a lot of backtracking back to this place for various things.

[edit] Story

This village is very peculiar in itself. Not only that once you find the village, it's already been ransacked by Briggs and his lovely crew, but they're are also holding a man who is believed to be a Champa who isn't. This man will play a very important role in your story, and you'll be surprised at exactly what I mean by this. The mans name is Piers and he is going to be apart of your character line up in battle. He is a Mercury adept. When you first see him, you'll notice the big fight he is having with a town member who had his girlfriend hurt in the invasion of the Champa. You'll notice that he uses psynergy to hush the town member because of the constant screaming and calling him a "monster", which obviously he isn't. Though, Piers is different.

The next time you come back to Madra, after you have done the Briggs story, Piers would've been released and left to go retrieve his jewel that allows him to power his ship.

Next, when you come back with Piers after getting the jewel back and Piers has joined your team, you will meet with the town elders and will explain exactly what you're going to do after that.

But before you leave, make sure you look underground as there are two things that you should get. The Tremor Bit and the summon Moloch.

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