Lemurian Ship

The Lemurian Ship as you can see in the overworld

The Lemurian Ship is a ship that seen three times normally (up close) through both games (excluding after you reach Lemuria due to a whole bunch of them being parked there and being able to see your every time you dock at Lemuria or Contigo) and is a magical ship created by the citizens of Lemuria. This ship can only be powered by Adepts or someone with at least a little psynergy due to the magical force that it needs to be controlled, which is why Babi learned psynergy during his stay at Lemuria so he could even escape from that town with a ship and the Drought.

[edit] Story

Another source is also needed to even start the ship up, and it's called the Black Jewel which you must get back from the Kimbombo after they steal Piers jewel and you must meet up with him to get it back. Once you get this back, you can power the ship so you can sail throughout the west and eastern sea.

The most notable time for the ship is right after the battle wit Karst and Agatio after you've lighten the Jupiter Lighthouse, you will have wings placed on your ship by the citizens of Contigo. Once this has been done, you'll be able to fly over land and small areas with your ship by combining the psynergy of your entire group (which by now is all 8 characters) and you'll have little trouble getting to areas that were once inaccessible to you before. Technically, these wings aren't needed to beat the game, but you have to get them because once you return to your ship, the wings are already on the ship.

[edit] As a Dungeon

This is probably one of the most easiest dungeons there are. You'll only see 2 regular monsters here, and the random encounter rate is very low. However, there are must fights with enemies called Aqua Jelly that must be defeated to create puddles so Piers can use Frost to create ice pillars.

Aqua Jelly

  • Health: 225
  • Attack 161
  • Defense: 33
  • Agility: 78
  • Exp: 96
  • Coins: 99

Conch Shell

  • Health: 102
  • Attack: 158
  • Defense: 43
  • Agility: 72
  • Exp: 80
  • Coins: 81

Aqua Hydra (Boss)

  • Health: 2776
  • Attack: 173
  • Defense: 38
  • Agility: 63
  • Exp: 963
  • Coins: 1612

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