Casting Cost4 Earth Djinn

Judgment is the 4th Venus summon in the casting line in the original Golden Sun. Once summoned, a knight will rain down from the sky, shooting a blue ball of energy from the head of a lion, ravaging the land below it. Judgment has a base power of 240, which makes it the most power one type Venus summon. It also does 12% of the enemies Hp, in damage, which makes it pretty useful against most bosses. It is 4 times as powerful as Ramses and 2 times as powerful as Cybele, and only take 4 standby Djinn to be summoned, making it quite a powerful summon, when you get it. Use this whenever you possibly can. it ends batles quickly.

[edit] Confusion

The name Judgment is spelled as it is spelled normally in all forms of the English language. Some think it is supposed to be spelt Judgement, the name Judgment here is not a mis-translation.

The summon, Judgment in-game

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