Hama is a Jupiter Adept that appears in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In the second game, it is revealed that she is a descendant of the Anemos and the sister of Ivan.

[edit] In Golden Sun

In the first game, Hama appears as the master of Lama Temple. When the party meets her, Hama remarks on how she knows what the group is trying to accomplish, and teaches Ivan the Psynergy Reveal to help cross the Lamakan Desert. After doing this, she will run off to help rescue Hsu after hearing news from Fezihi that he is in trouble. When the party helps him, Hama will thank them.

[edit] In Golden Sun: The Lost Age

In The Lost Age, Hama is shown in Contigo, seemingly watching over the town. After the party has finished lighting the beacon of Jupiter Lighthouse and met up with Isaac's party, Hama will appear. It is at this point that she reveals that the lighthouses should be lit and that she is Ivan's sister. After having the Wings of Anemos installed onto the ship that has been obtained, Hama will wish the party luck as they set off.

[edit] Notes

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Hama's name has been changed to Hamma.

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