Champa as it appears in the overworld.

Champa is a seafaring village located west of Lemuria. It is home to the famous pirate Briggs. Champa is also the place where, once you get all 3 pieces of the Trident, you can reforge them to make said Trident which will allow you to reach Lemuria.

[edit] Story

Champa is also the first place where you will see Agatio, Karst's partner. They will show up once you talk to the old woman and man in the house on the cliff that is only reachable by rope. They will show up with Alex first making his entrance. During your time in Champa you should be visiting this place often before you go off to Lemuria, because, as said, this is the place where you have the Trident reformed. However, this place is also the location of a boss, or rather a mini boss as the boss itself hold no real placement along the story line such a Poseidon, Briggs, or the Serpent but the boss is fairly difficult. The boss's name is Avimander and he is brought to life because of Briggs grandmother. You will fight the boss as soon as you reach the top of the Champa cliffs, confronting her and Briggs. Briggs will coax her into using her "weapon" against you. The Avimander is mainly a Mars based monster, so Mercury damage/djinn/psynergy is a good idea to use on it. After the fight, Briggs wife will convince you to leave Briggs here rather than take him back to the prison cell. After this you can now have Briggs grandmother reforge the Trident after you obtain the three places to do so. After this, Champa has no real purpose, so you probably won't ever visit it again.

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