Bolt Psynergy Series

Bolt, and like spells, is a series of Jupiter Psynergy, and deals with lightening-based offensive spells. The Bolt series is only available to the Seer and Medium classes.

[edit] Bolt

  • Cost: 4 PP
  • Base Power: 20
  • Range: One target

Description: A flash of purple lightening strikes the ground around one foe.

[edit] Flash Bolt

  • Cost: 7 PP
  • Base Power: 40
  • Range: Three targets

Description: Two large, purple bolts of lightening strike the ground around a group of enemies.

[edit] Blue Bolt

  • Cost: 14 PP
  • Base Power: 90
  • Range: Three targets

Description: Calls down two large lightening bolts to damage a group of enemies.

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