In the Golden Sun series "Artifacts" are special items that have powers that outclass normal items. These items are grouped into 3 different categories. Use, Unleash, and Permanent artifacts. The good thing about most artifacts that if you drop them or sell them, they are able to be bought back at a weapons, armor, or a normal shop.

[edit] "Use" Artifacts

"Use" artifacts are items that must be clicked on either during battle or on the world map to be used. These items include items ranging from Potion, which heals HP, to Water of Life which can revive a downed party member. Some weapons are also "use" artifacts, like the Blessed Mace and the Captains Axe.

[edit] "Unleash" Artifacts

"Unleash" artifacts are basically limited to weapons alone. Each unleash artifact has a different unleash. To know when one is about to unleash, in battle you will see a "*Insert name here* lets out a howl" and then the unleash will take place. These unleashes can range from weapons like the Demon Axe which can inflict the poison status condition, to things like Shamshir which lowers defense of the target it hits. There are also unleashes that do giant amounts of damage like the Sol Blade.

[edit] "Permanent" Artifacts

These are artifacts (armor, weapons, and other equipment) that have a effect that stays on until they are removed. Most of the time, they are PP recovery rates, added resistance, more strength, bigger defense, and so forth. As said, they stay on until the equipment is removed.

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