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The demonstration of what exactly an adept can do. Here we see Issac using his Venus abilities to move the earth.

An Adept is a person who is able to use Psynergy at a decent level. All of the playable characters in the Golden Sun series are Adepts. There are four kinds of Adepts, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus. The Adept's element determines what type of Psynergy they are best at. Also, only an Adept of the respective element may open the lighthouse of the element. Adepts are capable of using Djinn to boost their Psynergy and summon the Summons.

Adepts are basically the warriors in the Golden Sun universe and outclass ordinary people. Certain adepts have the ability to use certain psynergies, like Felix and Isaac are the only adepts who can learn the psynergy Grind. Certain adepts, even though they share the same element, cannot use the same psynergy. Garet is a physical force with psynergy like Heat Wave and Eruption, while Jenna is more of a healer to the team and hits all enemies. Mia is like Jenna, a healer to the team and has more hit all based psynergies that do lower damage, while Piers is more offensive and can deal more damage with physical based psynergies.

Adepts in overall are the closest thing to gods there are, which would explain very much of exactly WHAT the Wise One is. The Wise One is the most powerful adept being able to harness and use all different psyneries. He displays this twice. Once when he saves Issac and Garet from Mt. Aleph from exploding and another time when he transforms Jenna and Issac's parents into the Doom Dragon to fight him. The Wise One is truly the ultimate adept and the story will probably show much more of him the new game Golden Sun DS.

Adepts, while being of a certain element, can also change elements. Jenna can use Mercury based psynergy, Felix can use Jupiter based psynergy, and so on and so on. This depends on the different Djinn that are equipped. If Felix has nothing but Jupiter Djinn attached, for sure he is going to be able to use some Jupiter psynergy. The type of what the character can cover is really based solely around what Djinn they have equipped and what type they are normally. Jenna has a higher base resistance to Mars based attacks, Piers has a high based Mercury resistance, and so on and so on

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