Yallam as it appears in the overworld

Yallam is a small town located south of Lemuria and unlike the fact that it's small, it had a VERY big part in this game. Not only does it tell you how to get past the Sea of Time and get to Lemuria, but it also has a man, a lone man who will take your smithing items and turn them into powerful weapons and resistant armor. Sushi is the name of the blacksmith that lives in this town, and he will forge items for you if you bring him the item to do it. He can make powerful weapons like the Darksword which is technically the most power weapon in the game with a +210 to attack power and weapons like the Excalibur which comes in 3rd for the most powerful weapon in the game with an unleash that has the possibility of multiplying the regular damage by four! He also makes armor which can increase attack power, defense, and resistance to the multiple elements.

You'll find yourself coming back to this town time and time again, so make sure to remember where this place is because it holds the most powerful armor and weapons in the game.

Also, if you have transferred the data from Golden Sun onto Golden Sun: The Lost Age, you should have the ability to use the psynergy Force which is knock down the dead tree that will allow you to get the very powerful weapon (at the time) the Masamune, which you will probably keep for the rest of the game seeing as it's one of the few weapons that's able to multiply it's damage like the Sol Blade, Tisiphone Edge, and the Excalibur.

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