Wise One

Wise one
Full NameWise One
AgeSame Age as Weyard
HometownMt. Aleph

The 'Wise One is responsible for guarding the seal on Alchemy, a power which once was widely abused by mankind, in things such as military endeavors.

The Wise One is also the one responsible for telling Isaac and Garet to leave Vale to track down Saturos and Menardi and recover the stolen Elemental Stars at the beginniong Golden Sun.

At the end of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, after many more secrets about the Elemental Stars and Alchemy have been revealed, the Wise One appears to stop Felix and the party from lighting Mars Lighthouse, stating that humanity is not yet ready for the return of Alchemy before sending the Doom Dragon to attack the party.

The Wise One is a being of eternal age, and possesses great power, far beyond that of any Adept. He can control all elements, can see into the future, and has the ability to control many things in Weyard. However, the Wise One says that he is forbidden in directly interfering with what mankind does. This may be a lie, however, since he did defeat Alex in the ending of The Lost Age. It has been speculated that the Wise One said such to have an excuse to have the Doom Dragon attack the party, which tested their resolve.

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