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Now, by now you should have very strong weapons, very powerful psynergy, and a sharp mind, so this boss should be a piece of cake, right? WRONG! You better set all your Djinn before this battle to make sure he not only DOESN'T use them, but also so you can do massive damage to him within the first few turns. Also, make sure you bring some elixers with you so you can recover from paralysis.


[edit] Battle

First, to find Valukar, you must enter Yampi desert from Garroh. Use reveal near the giant sand-fall you you will see a doorway. Go through the dungeon, and at the end you will discover Valukar. He will challenge you and will be rewarded with a powerful Mars summon, Daedalus. Now, Valukar is quite hard depending on if you now how he attacks. He has 2 ways of damaging you, using his giant hammer, or course, and draining your Djinn. He's resistant to Fire, and is very weak to Wayer/Mercury. So, I suggest putting Piers in this battle first. Then, have either Sheba or Ivan use Impact twice on him, then attack Valukar with Diamond Iceberg constantly. This will do somewhere from 400-600 damage, depending on your strength level.

[edit] Moves

[edit] Psynergy


[edit] Skills

Attack - Normal Attack. Hit's one party member.

Stun Jip - Valukar attack with his giant hammer. Has the possibility of stunning one party member.

Djinn Stun - Valukar sets 1 Djinn of each party member. He uses this right before Crucible.

Crucible - Basically, if you have Djinn on set, he can use them.

[edit] Rewards

If Valukar is defeated in battle, you are awarded 8702 EXP, 4980 coins, and can gain the summon tablet Valukar was guarding, the Daedalus summon.

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