Vale is the first town you start of in Golden Sun and also the home town of Isaac, Garet, Felix, and Jenna. This town is located right below the beginning of all; Mt. Aleph and therefore receives more psynergy than the rest of the world, making the place quite right for multiple adepts, however, due to the characters elements, it's speculated that Mt. Aleph is mainly for Venus and Mars, rather than Jupiter and Mercury.

Vale as you can see it on the overworld map


[edit] Story

[edit] Prologue

Isaac awakes to find that the giant boulder that was placed firmly on Mt. Aleph is starting to fall, and must soon get to safe ground. His mother comes to find him, bringing him out of the house. Then you meet his father, who tells Isaac that he and his mother must go down to the town square. On Isaac's way down, he meets Garet, who's trying to tug his stuff way with him. Isaac makes Garet realize that his life is more important than his stuff, and Garet goes with Isaac. Then they make their way down and they meet Jenna and her parents trying to get Felix from the raging rapids. Isaac's mother sends them down to the main square to get someone to help them. While trying to get down, they meet a few monsters (obviously) slaying them all. They get down to the square, and they recruit someone to help Felix. As they return, and as they are about to save Felix, the Boulder falls, and everything goes black. Isaac awakes, heading back down to the town, Garet follows. However, they are greeted by two people who are named Mystery Man and Mystery Woman (original, right?) who are really Saturos and Menardi. They fight, and Isaac and Garet lose. Then starts, the great adventure of a life time!

[edit] Sol Sanctum

A few years pass, and Isaac, Garet, and Jenna grow up. They meet with Kraden who plans on going up to Mt. Aleph to do research, and on the way to Kraden's they meet up with some familiar faces, however they don't remember them. They meet up with Saturos and Menardi. After the talk with the two villains, they move on to Kraden's house, and then they make their way up to the top of Mt. Aleph.

Saturos and Menardi confront the team for the 2nd time

Once they reach a certain place, you must allows the psynergy flow to work again. You must solve a puzzle to go further. Then the party finally reaches the top. It is here they see the elemental stars, all placed in certain spots. The entire room looks like you were in outer space. Isaac and Garet finally get up to 2 stars, and they are ambushed by Saturos and Menardi and two other faces. A blue haired man named Alex and a Masked man. Saturos and Menardi threaten to hurt Jenna if she doesn't comply, but the Masked man jumps in the way, stopping them. He then reveals himself to he Felix, Jenna's brother.

After they give the stars to Saturos, the entire mountain starts to erupt. Saturos and Menardi escape with the stars, leaving only Isaac and Garet. This is where you meet the Wise One who tries to the stop the eruption. He gives the task of retrieving the elemental stars to Isaac and Garet. The Wise One then gets then to safety.

The team has two options then in the Sanctum of the priest. Either to set out on the adventure and save the world, or do the opposite and the world crumbles. Obviously, if you choose the latter, it's gave over, but, you don't! You choose the other one and you set out on the greatest adventure of a life time!

[edit] After the Eruption

It is noted that after the eruption of Mt. Aleph that monsters start running rampant. This would explain the the constant random encounters that the team meets, and the entire Tret story. When Mt. Aleph erupted, it scattered Psynergy Stone's all across the world, which probably had a lot of effect on humans and monsters alike and probably transformed some of the few animals you ever see into monsters. This could explain how in Garoh, Maha became a werewolf, but it's just a speculation.

[edit] In Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Mt Aleph sinks into oblivion as Isaac and party watch from a distance

The next time Vale is ever visitable is at the end of the 2nd game, and after everything has been fought and both teams return to Vale with Jenna and Felix's parents and Isaac's dad. Mt. Aleph is shown as Alex, who's taken advantage of everyone's wanting to return psynergy to the world, has climbed Mt. Aleph to take the Golden Sun power for himself. However, he doesn't not received most of the most as the Wise One had set a precaution and put some of the power into Isaac himself, making Alex incomplete. As the Mountain goes down, and Alex with it, the Wise One explains why he failed to gain the power and speclates that he will survive the sinking of Mt. Aleph. This leaves up to debate of whether or not Alex will have a continued story in Golden Sun DS.

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