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So, by now you've known you were going to be having a boss fight soon. Well, here it is. You're fighting a tree. But not just any tree. A tree that can talk!

You can fight Tret either before or after you return from Imil with Mia, in which I suggest you do as Tret is moderately hard at this time. He can put you to sleep and then attack you relentlessly. Be careful!


[edit] Attacks

[edit] Psynergy

Quake - Small venus based psynergy. Hits 2-3 party members.

Growth - Small venus based psynergy. Hits 2-3 party members.

Thorn - Medium venus based psynergy. Hits 3-4 party members.

[edit] Abilities

Sleep Star - Puts one party member to sleep.

[edit] Rewards

226 EXP, 700 coins, Potion

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