Tolbi as it appears in the overworld.

Tolbi is located across the sea, where you start to get closer to Saturos and Menardi. It's here that you enter the Colosseum and battle to win. However, before this, you must go north to a cave and rescue the leader of Tolbi, Babi.

Tolbi is basically a Roman City with the Colosseum to boot. You'll find a bunch of people there on your firs visit, and whole bunch of different stores, though you're only able to really buy stuff from the regular general store. You'll find that this place has a lot of weapons and quite a lot of different items to get. However, there is also a Djinn here, so keep your eyes peeled! There is also the Lucy Medal fountain so have fun getting the various weapons and armors that are available to you through your winnings!

Once you enter Tolbi, you'll be enthralled in the various people you can talk to, things you can buy, and sites to behold. However, you have things to do. You must, at once enter the giant mansion and as soon as you go upstairs and try to leave an exit, a cut scene with ensue. Then you must head north to a save to save the leader of Tolbi.

Once you come back, another cutscene will ensue. Then you enter the Colosseum to fight!

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