Status Conditions


[edit] What are Status Conditions?

Status Conditions are special effects that can effect party members and monsters alike. They usually are quite easy to learn, however not a lot of them are very helpful in a battle. Most monsters (most of the time Bosses) are resistant to almost all status conditions, however most regular monsters are not.

[edit] Temporary Conditions

[edit] Delusion

This does almost nothing but reduce the enemies/you chances of hitting you/enemy with a regular attack. Does not effect psynergy. Pretty useless in the long run, but it's the most common status ailment. Goes away either after time or end of battle.

[edit] Stun

This prevents you/enemy from moving for a short time. Pretty useful against most bosses as they aren't resistant to this effect for the most part.

[edit] Sleep

This is one of the most useful status conditions in the game. Though on regular monsters, it doesn't seem effective, but on bosses it can really come in handy. Simply is the same as Stun but lasts longer and effect bosses easier.

[edit] Seal

This prevents any psynergy from being used. This can become a pain when it's put on the party, but sometimes bosses/hard enemies can spell their death by this. Useless on enemies without any psynergy.

[edit] Curse

Known to be the worst status conditions. This basically downs the enemies/party member within 8 turns, however it's not effective against most bosses and it's easily healed.

[edit] Temporary Stun

Pretty useful. This is a stun that prevents the opponent from attack for one turn and is usually 100% chance to hit. This is highly regarded against bosses that have more than 1 attack phase, prevent them from using more attacks.

[edit] Permanent Effects

[edit] Downed

This is simply when a party member hits 0HP. They become incapacitated and cannot attack, defend, use items, or simply switch. Their enter phase is skipped. This also happens when a monster is defeated. This status can be removed by Water of Life, any reviving pysnergy, certain Djinn, and going to the Sanctuary.

[edit] Poison/Venom

These two status are very similar. The only difference is Poison takes HP at a slow rate and Venom takes it away at a high rate. This is a easy status to remove. Curse Poison, Unicorn ring(s), antidotes, and certain Djinn can remove this effect.

[edit] Haunt

This basically damages the haunted after they attack. However, when they damage and how much damage they do is completely random. This effect is deadly when the haunted is as low HP. it can be removed by Salt, certain Djinn, and can be removed at the Sanctum.

[edit] Equipment Curse

This can only take effect when the party member has a equipment that is cursed. This can prevent them from moving every now and again. The only way to remove this effect is to go to the Sanctum to have the equipment removed. The Cleric's Ring prevents the cursed equipments effect, making it highly valuable.

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