Sol Blade

Sol Blade
The unleash of the Sol Blade.

Item ClassLong Sword
Buy Value32100
Sell value23400
EffectDoes 3 times the normal damage.
Unleash rate35%

The Sol Blade is depicted to be the strongest weapon from both games. It's unleash does a whopping 500+ damage when all Djinn are set. It can only be quipped by Felix or Isaac, making them now beastly. You only get one Sol Blade in Golden Sun: The Lost Age so normally you would only one of the two would be able to equip it, but the Sol Blade is an item that is unobtainable through normal means in Golden Sun. So, one can have more than one Sol Blade by either hacking it into GS1 or editing a password to put it into one of the returning character's inventory. It's element is Venus, and with certain equipments added, it can have a 99% unleash rate. You get this sword after felling the Flame Dragons in the mars lighthouse. it's buy value is 32100, and sell value is 23400. But then again, why would you sell it?

[edit] Unleash

This sword unleashes Megiddo. It deals 3 times the normal damage. So lets say you deal 400 damage with it normally. You'll deal a whopping 1200 damage! This sword is the most powerful thing you'll find as an equipment in the game, so use it.

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