Element Jupiter
Gender Female
Age 14
Weapons Staffs, Maces, and Rods
Hometown Contigo

Sheba is a Jupiter adept and a very mysterious character of whom there is little given information on. She is first introduced in Golden Sun as a prisoner held in Tolbi by Lord Babi in order to build Babi Lighthouse in Lalivero. While being escorted across the deadly Suhalla Desert, Sheba is kidnapped by Saturos and Menardi's party and taken to Venus Lighthouse where she is used as a bartering tool to gain the Shaman's Rod from Isaac and his party. We also learn from Sheba's guardian, Faran, that Sheba fell from the sky into Lalivero. At the end of Golden Sun, Sheba falls from Venus Lighthouse into the sea and Felix dives off the lighthouse to save her.

In the second game, Sheba joins the fighting roster as the speedy spell caster replacement for Ivan. At least, until Ivan rejoins the party, where you have the choice between Sheba, Ivan, both of them, or none of them. More of Sheba's past is hinted at in the Lost Age where it is speculated that Sheba may be one of the Anemos, an ancient civilization that once was located near Contigo, but the residents of Anemos used their psynergy to lift their city into the sky. Anemos is never visited nor heard of in either of the games again. However, various gamers have made the connection between Anemos, the floating city, and the fact that Sheba fell out of the sky into Faran's lap, which can possible be interpreted that she is a gift from the goddess of the element Jupiter. However, this is neither confirmed nor denied by Camelot.

[edit] Abilities in Battle

In battle, Sheba plays EXACTLY like Ivan. She has very low HP, Attack, and Defense, but very high speed and PP. Unlike Ivan, however, Sheba cannot wield short swords. In exchange she gains the ability to use maces in combat.

Sheba has the ability to hit all enemies with powerful psynergy which can include Spark Plasma, Tempest, and various other Jupiter based psynergy that can wipe out armies before you. She also can raise the parties attack once she reaches a certain level making her even more important to the party. Giving her Mist Potion's will make her even more useful because then she will be able to heal alongside Jenna. Sheba can also use other psynergies to aid the party other than the attack one. Her other supporting psyngery is Resist which ups the parties resistance to elements which can be very very useful in boss fights where the enemy is heavy on usage of attacking psynergies.

Sheba also has many different supporting Djinn that allow her to speed up the party, up the parties attack, and even give the party a higher defense and resistance. This all together making her a very important part of the team and should now be overlooked because once you use her right, she can be very useful.

However, as said she is almost like Ivan just without the ability to use short swords, which was promptly replaced by maces.

[edit] Fun Fact

Sheba is the youngest out of the entire party, even younger than Ivan.

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