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So, you've scaled Mt. Gaia and passed through the puzzles and mazes to get to the end. Well, be ready, because if you aren't, do not fight this monster. He is of the Venus element and has a weakness to Jupiter, so spam Sheba as much as possible.

This guy has a whole bunch attack to spam out on you and this is your first boss in Golden Sun: The Lost Age that will attack you twice! He's able to OHKO one party member with a single move sometimes, and his other moves are very very powerful. Make sure you put all the lights on him if this is your first run through. He's the first boss you fight that self heals itself every turn, so that makes it even more of a hard fight. However, if you want to just do a summon rush, then you can effectively beat him. Good luck!


[edit] Battle

Now, this boss is kind of hard. Hopefully you turned the light beams at him, all 4 I might add, so he doesn't heal mass amounts of HP each turn.

  • 0 lights=2430 HP
  • 1 light=810 HP
  • 2 lights=270 HP
  • 3 lights=90 HP
  • 4 lights=30 HP

If no more than one or two lights are lit, the Serpent is invincible.

[edit] Psynergy

Quake Sphere - Venus based attack. Hurts all party members.

Cure - Heals 70 HP.

Cure Well - Heals 150 HP.

[edit] Skills

Black Ice - Venus based attack. Hurts 3 paty members.

Sand Breath - Venus based attack. Hurts 3 paty members.

Toxic Breath - Deals damage to multiple targets. Also can inflict posion.

Mighty Press - Can put on party member down to 1 HP.

[edit] Rewards

When you beat this mighty monster you get 1995 EXP and 2898 coins and you will now be able to get the Cloud Brand which is a the 2nd most powerful weapon you can get before Lemuria.

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