Health8736 (Heals 200 Per Turn)
Attack Per Turn3

This will be a tough boss fight, I can tell you that. You were probably thinking that that long hallway with all those tough monsters was going to be it, didn't you? Well, sorry but it's not. This is a VERY hard boss fight and could be rated more difficult than the final boss fight. Sentinel is a Jupiter based boss, however has access to some Mars based psynergy, however his arsenal is mostly Jupiter based psynergy and his set skills that he can do. He's able to attack 3 times in a row, which is less than the final boss, but can do more damage to the entire party than the final boss can with the attack Cruel Ruin. He's also impervious to all psynergy, so the only thing that can damage him are: Djinn, Weapons, and Items.

Good luck!

[edit] Psynergy

Break: This will null all buffed stats on the entire party. This makes it harder to hit him with more power.

Guard: This will power up his defense to regular attacks making it harder to damage him with physical based attacks.

Searing Beam: This is the most powerful Mars based psynergy attack there is. It hits the entire party with a high Mars power. This is the only Mars based attack in his arsenal.

Spark Plasma: This is the most powerful Jupiter based psynergy. It will hit the entire party with a massive force of Jupiter behind it.

Blue Bolt: This a medium power, Jupiter based attack that can hit 3 targets. Be glad that he uses this because it's fairly weak.

Destruct Ray: This is the 3rd most powerful Jupiter based attack. It can hit up to 3 targets with a good amount of damage to them.

[edit] Skills

Armor Crush: This is his only real non-psynergy attack other than his normal attack. It hit's one target with a powerful physical force. It can also lower the defense of the single target.

Attack: This monsters regular attack.

[edit] Rewards

If you beat Sentinel, you are rewarded with 10538 EXP, 6144 coins, and get access to the summon tablet Sentinel was protecting; The Catastrophe summon.

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