Seer (Jupiter)

The Seer is a class that can be obtained by both Jupiter and Mercury Adepts. For the version obtainable by Mercury Adepts, please head here.

The Seer, in accordance to Jupiter Adepts, is obtainable when a Jupiter Adept has a single Venus Djinn on Set and with up to one Djinn in every other element on Set in the other slots. The exception to this is Jupiter Djinn, which the Adept may have as many as they like on Set as long sa the Venus Djinn is also on Set. This version of the Seer has access to the Cure Psynergy Series, Bolt Psynergy Series, Growth Psynergy Series, Bind, and the Drain Psynergy Series for offensive Psynergy. This class may also use any Psynergy that comes with items that they have equipped, and Mind Read. Reveal may also be used if the character has obtained it at the time.

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