Element Mars
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Weapons Swords
Hometown Prox

Saturos is a Mars Adept, which means he controls the essence of fire. He is the main antagonist in the first game, but doesn't appear in the 2nd one because of his untimely death after fighting Isaac and party on top of the Venus Lighthouse.

Saturos is from Prox, which is located north of Mt. Aleph. His partner, Menardi is also from the same place. Saturos first appears as 'Mystery Man' when Isaac and Garet fight him and Menardi, who is known as 'Mystery Women' at the time, and they lose to them. Saturos was the leader of a team of Prox Mars adepts trying to break into the Sol Sanctum to steal the elemental stars. Unfortunately, Saturos and his team triggered a trap which led to the fall of the boulder on Mt. Aleph. Saturos and Menardi are the only survivors of this expedition into Sol Santcum.

Saturs next appears near Kraden's house prior to Issac and party entering Mt. Adept. The last time they appear until they appear at the lighthouse is at the room where the elemental stars are held. Saturos and Menardi kidnap Kraden and Jenna and force Isaac to get the stars for them, and then make a quick escape when the chamber begins to rumble.

Saturos fights the party for the first time at Mercury Lighthouse. He loses because of the fact that the power of the Mercury Lighthouse is opposite to his own power, and makes an escape with aid from Alex.

The last time you see Saturos is when you fight him at Venus Lighthouse, along with Menardi. After the fight with them as human form, they fuse to create the Fusion Dragon, then proceed to fight you again. Afterward, you win, they fall to their doom from the top of the lighthouse.

During the second game you meet Menardi's sister, Karst who claims to be hunting for Isaac for vengeance for his sister. You also see Agatio, who is speculated to be Saturos's brother. But this is unconfirmed.


[edit] As a Boss

[edit] Mercury Lighthouse

Saturos (Mercury)
Attack Per Turn1

This will be a tough battle for you if you aren't leveled up enough. Each party member should be either 15 or higher in levels, and Mia should be able to heal the entire party. Saturos will hit hard and strong.

[edit] Skills

Attack - Physical attack on one party member

Heat Flash - Attack and chance to delude one target

[edit] Psynergy

Fireball - Mars psynergy that attacks 5 party members (all of them)

Eruption - Powerful Mars psynergy that targets three party members. This hurts A LOT.

[edit] Rewards

When you finally defeat Saturos, you get331 EXP, 800 Coins, and a Psy Crystal.

[edit] Venus Lighthouse

Saturos (Venus)
Attack Per Turn1

Okay, this is the (supposed) final fight. This time it's a lot harder. Not only has Saturos almost tripled in strength, but you've also got to deal with Menardi.

[edit] Skills

Attack - Regular attack on one party member

Heat Flash - Attack and chance to delude one target

[edit] Psynergy

Inferno - Mars psynergy that hits five party members (all of them)

Pyroclasm -Very powerful Mars psynergy that hits five party members. This hurts A LOT.

Haunt - Jupiter psynergy that has a chance to inflict Haunt on 3 party members

Break - Mercury psynergy that removes all boosts to the party's stats. Hits all

Protect - Increases the defense of Saturos and Menardi

Potent Cure - Venus psynergy that heals either Saturos or Menardi for 300HP.

[edit] Rewards

When Saturos is felled, the party gets 3000 Exp and 3600 coins.

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