Ray Psynergy Series

Similar to the Bolt Psynergy Series, Ray, Storm Ray, and Destruct Ray make up a series of Jupiter Psynergy, and each deal lightening-based damage. The Ray series is only available to the Wind Seer class, meaning only Ivan and Sheba can use them.

[edit] Ray

  • Cost: 6 PP
  • Base Power: 35
  • Range: Three target

Description: Calls down thin bolts of purple lightening to strike a group of foes.

[edit] Storm Ray

  • Cost: 10 PP
  • Base Power: 65
  • Range: Three targets

Description: Calls down good-sized lightening bolts to damage a group of enemies.

[edit] Destruct Ray

  • Cost: 21 PP
  • Base Power: 150
  • Range: Three targets

Description: Summons a thick array of purple lightening bolts that cause massive damage to a group of enemies.

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