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Poseidon is the midway boss in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, which holds the power over the sea. This guy can only be beaten if you have the Trident with you, and you have used it on him. The only way you can get to Lemuria, is by beating this guy.


[edit] Attacks

[edit] Psnergy

Ice Missles - A Mercury attack that deals damage to 3 party members.

Deluge - A Mercury attack rains water down on the party.

Ply Well - Heals one person.

[edit] Skills

Counter-Rush - Whenever a party member attacks, he will attack back.

Typhoon Blow - He released bubbles from his Trident to attack the party.

Watery Grave - A 3D wave attack that has the possibility of KO'ing a party member.

Ocean Fist - A attack where Poseidon summons a tornado of water and energy to attack a party member. Can bring you down to 1 Hp, but can never kill you.

[edit] Battle Strategy

Now, around here you should be between level 25-30. If you now, then you need to train more. At level 26, Jenna learns Serpent Fume, which can cause a lot of damage to Poseidon. Also, if you have gotten all 6 Djinn that Felix can get now, you should be able to use Odyssey, which, after a few Impacts from Sheba, could cause 200-300 damage. Just keep harping on Poseidon's weakness to Mars, and you should be okay.

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