Element Mercury
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Weapons Long Swords, Light Blades, Axes, Maces
Hometown Lemuria

Piers was introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age as a new party member for Felix's party, being the role of the party's Mercury Adept. Piers comes from from Lemuria far out in the ocean, and though he appears to be a young man, the fact he is a Lemurian could mean he is older than all the other characters combined! Piers is driven out of Lemuria on his ship by a giant tidal wave and finds a way back into Lemuria, and sometime after he joins Felix's traveling party so that they can sail the oceans of the world together. When Piers and the others manage to make it back into Lemuria much later on, Piers' report to the Lemurian king: Hydros, of the world's physical state helps lead everyone to the conclusion that Alchemy's absence has been having a gravely negative effect on the world itself, so Hydros tasks Piers to accompany Felix's group for the rest of the adventure.

[edit] Abilites

Piers, as a Mercury Adept, has the power over water and ice. Unlike Mia, he is bent on bringing out power like Felix. His main psynergy, Diamond Dust, or Diamond Iceberg, as it goes to the next level is a physical psynergy. He does have the ability to heal, like most mercury adepts do, although only one person at a time. He can also heal status ailments. But like I said, he is mainly for attacking. However, Piers can do more. He also has the ability to hit multiple enemies with strong mercury based psynergy. Giving Piers the Excalibur or the Tisiphone Edge will mean massive damage to you're opponents because (around level 50) with Sheba/Ivan maxing his attack, Diamond Iceberg can deal over 600 DAMAGE! However, if you were to get all the possible hits with either the Excalibur or the Tipson Edge, the damage can rack up over 2000 DAMAGE! Making him very useful in the long run. Piers can be a complete powerhouse like Garet and isn't as slow as Garet is normally, though Piers usually goes last anyway. He can be stronger than Felix as times. However, a good idea would be to give him all the strongest cursed items (Darksword, Thunder Crown, ect) and the Cleric's Ring. This won't deal as much damage as a Excalibur/Tipson Edge Piers, but it's a force to be reckoned with as this set allows Piers to take almost anything and deal moderate damage back.

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