Element Mercury
Gender Female
Age 17, 46 (GSDD)
Weapons Staffs, Rods, and Maces
Hometown Imil

Mia is from a small town in the north called Imil. She is, or was, the adept in charge of guarding the tower from those who wish to enter it. She is a Mercury Adept, or a Water Adept who holds power over both water and ice. She, along with Alex are the two only remaining members or the Mercury clan. After Alex had left Mia to follow his dreams, which remain unknown till the end of the 2nd game, she is left to protect the lighthouse.

Once Isaac and party meets her, they quickly learn that Saturos and Menardi have begun to ascend the lighthouse. Mia runs off, hoping to stop them but is halted to a stop at the entrance. Isaac removed the object in her way, and she runs off. In a while, they come across her again, and she joins the team. They then continue up the lighthouse and then fight Saturos at the peak. After winning the fight, Alex arrives and shows his dismay towards Mia, and heals Saturos and the leave. Mia, after this, joins your party permanently.

Some fans indicate Mia as Isaac's love interest, which is often hinted in Golden Sun fan fiction.

It is also suggested that Mia is Garet's love interest. Which is hinted at Jupiter Lighthouse, where Garet jumps to save Mia as she falls into the trap set by Karst and Agatio.

Mia demonstrating her water and ice abilities.

[edit] Abilities

Mia, as a Mercury Adept, has the power over water and ice. She also comes with healing abilities, which make her the team healer. Pure Wish heals 400 Hp to all members, and she has other abilities that heal status ailments. She has a few attacking psynergy, which of most attack every enemy on the field. Frost, Tundra, and Glacier are very good all enemy attack psynergy she can learn. Her only real bad aspect is her speed. She isn't that much faster than Garet, which can make her healing abilities come a bit too late. She, however can become almost as fast as Isaac if the correct equipment is on. Such as the Running Shirt, or the Quick Boots. Mia is a very useful character, mainly because she's the only character with healing abilities (This changed in Lost Age because Jenna can heal as well) in the party at the time. Sadly, if she dies, and Isaac dies, and you have no Water of Life, then you've basically lost unless you can kill the monster your fighting or have any revival Djinn available for use.

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