Element Mars
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Weapons Scythe
Hometown Prox

Menardi, like her companion Saturos is a member of the Mars Clan, located far to the north in the frozen wasteland of Prox. Saturos and Menardi both set out from Prox to procure the elemental stars from Sol Sanctum (located in Vale) in order to unleash Alchemy so that Prox might be saved.

Menardi is first encountered during the storm on Mt. Aleph where she and Saturos are discussing the results of their unsuccessful raid on Sol Sanctum. Isaac and Garet wander by and after a very brief fight, the two are overpowered and knocked unconscious by Saturos and Menardi. Menardi appears again, along with Saturos, outside of Kraden's house in Vale after an unsuccessful attempt to ask for Kraden's help in solving the mysteries of Sol Sanctum. In Sol Sanctum, Menardi makes her next appearance in order to kidnap Jenna and Kraden in order to force Isaac and Garet to give her and Saturos the elemental stars. This ploy proves to be somewhat successful: Isaac and Garet relinquish three of the four elemental stars, but the chamber where the stars are housed begins to collapse before Isaac and Garet can retrieve the final star, the Mars Star. At Mercury Lighthouse, Menardi flees the lighthouse with Jenna, Kraden, and Felix while Saturos remains to fight Isaac and his party.

Finally, at Venus Lighthouse, Saturos and Menardi both meet their end in a climactic battle against Isaac and company atop the lighthouse aerie. After fusing together with Saturos to become the Fusion Dragon and losing once again to Isaac and his party, Saturos and Menardi split apart and fall into the lighthouse beacon to their deaths.

Little more is known about Menardi except that she has a sister, Karst, who along with Agatio, takes over the role of villain in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.


[edit] As a Boss

Attack Per Turn1

Well, you did it. You'll finally be able to repay Saturos and Menardi for all the trouble they've caused you. This won't be an easy fight, though. Menardi has a large array of psynergy that she can use to really damage your entire team and heal both her and Saturos AND power themselves up. Make sure you have leveled up as much as you can for this fight, and make sure you ave every possible Djinn before fighting these two. Summons will make this battle a lot easier. The only one that I wouldn't advise using is Meteor (or any Mars only summons) because it just won't do much damage to them due to their obvious resistance to their own element. Boreas will be very good here as these two are very weak against Mercury based attacks, so this summon should do about 800-1100 damage at best. But when they're just about gone, heal. Heal as much as you can because after this fight, you'll have to deal with something a lot bigger than these two. A LOT bigger.

Though, keep your calm. For now, focus on getting rid of these two.

[edit] Psynergy

Flare Storm: Mars Psynergy that attacks three party members.

Super Nova: Very powerful Mars psynergy that attacks 7 (the entire party) for massive damage.

Wish: Heals Menardi and Saturos for about 80 HP.

High Impact: Boosts Saturos' and Menardi's attack by 20& of their original power.

Resist: Increases Saturos' and Menardi's resistance by 20% of their original resistance.

[edit] Skills

Attack: Regular attack on one person

Deathscythe: Attacks a single target and ha the possibility of automatically downing the target.

[edit] Rewards

When you finally knock out this girl, you get 3000 EXP and 4200 coins with Saturos's rewards makes a grand total of 6000 EXP and 7800 coins! Good job!

[edit] Strategy

Now, don't expect this to be an easy fight. Menardi is the weakest of the two, so going after her first would probably be the best idea. If you keep harping on her extreme weakness to Mercury psynergy (and this saying that Mia isn't constantly healing) hurt her with Mercury powers. If you can take her out quickly, she won't have time to react and smash you with "hit all" psynergy. Once she's gone, you can focus all your might on Saturos.

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