ElementMars, Jupiter
Casting Cost1 Mars Djinn, 1 Jupiter Djinn

Megaera is the first optional Mars summon you will encounter, found in the Oceania Cave which is in between Mikasalla and Air's Rock. Megaera has a base Mars power of 40 and also does additional damage equivalent to 6% of the enemy’s maximum HP. In addition, all current battling Adepts have their attack ratings increased by 12.5%. Often regarded as the most useful of the four basic optional summons, among Zagan(Venus), Flora(Jupiter), and Moloch(Mercury) because she does damage and buffs your team's attack.

[edit] Fun Fact

Did you know that Mageara is also the name of Hercules wife in Greek Mythology? She bore him two sons, and later Hera drove Hercules mad and he killed his wife and children.

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