Element Venus
Gender Male
Age 16
Weapons Unknown
Hometown Vale

Matthew is the main playable character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. His friends are Tyrell and Karis, and he is also the son of Isaac and Jenna as well as nephew to Felix. Like his father before him, he practices harnessing the power of the Earth. His Psynergy is what you would expect from a Venus Adept, consisting of spells like Ragnarok, Quake and Earthquake, Spire, Cure and Cure Well, and Growth, he's a well-rounded character that can play both the offensive and defensive roles in battle. He looks nearly identical to his father, Isaac, and even sports the same yellow scarf (apparently being passed down from his father before the story of dark dawn begins). After meeting up with Chalis and Blados at the beginning of the game, Matthew and his friends learn of the Psynergy Vortexes draining the elementals of their power, and so they decide to leave Vale to seek information on how to prevent the vortexes from destroying more of the world.

Matthew's default class is Warrior, and is familiar with swords and axes.

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