Mars Lighthouse

The Mars Lighthouse is located north of Prox. It is the last lighthouse you encounter in Golden Sun: The Lost Age which means it is the last lighthouse in the series. Mars Lighthouse is not, however, the last map you encounter in the game. It is required to gain the teleport lapis from Mars Lighthouse in order to enter Anemos Inner Sanctum and the player will temporarily regain control of Felix in Prox.

This Lighthouse is supposedly the hardest dungeon in the Golden Sun game. Having any puzzles and a lot of back tracking that makes you have to go all the way back to the beginning to complete it and having about 4 other parts to it before you can reach the top. However, it also has some powerful monsters in it. It's a long process that makes the entire thing really boring once you get into it, but the final fight against the last boss is truly epic. You must fight the Doom Dragon who is three headed dragon that at first uses 4 attacks, but as you destroy it's head, attacks less, but does more damage. This is the final dungeon, so collect all you want before fighting the last boss.

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