HP / PP1700 / 83
Elemental Power
  • Mars 115
  • Venus 95
Elemental Resistance
  • Mars 175
  • Mercury 25
  • Jupiter 100
  • Venus 100
Experience590 Exp
Reward3400 Coins, Psy Crystal

[edit] Description

Manticore is large lion-like beast with wings, and is the boss of Lamakan Desert in the original Golden Sun. It has a relatively high attack stat, plenty of resistance to elemental Psynergy, and can attack twice per round, making it a formidable opponent.

[edit] Attacks / Psynergy

Manticore battle sprite

Places a curse on a single party member that if successful will result in Downed status in seven turns.

Attempts to wrap the party in a blue mist that inflicts Delusion.

May temporarily lower one character's attack by 25%.

Mad Blast
Offensive Mars Psynergy that damages up to three characters in a small explosion.

Damages the entire party in a huge explosion of Mars-based Psynergy.

Poison Tail
A Venus-based attack that shoots a stream of venom from the beast's tail at one character. There is a chance the struck party member will be inflicted with a powerful Poison.

[edit] Boss Strategy

Since this is the first boss in the game that attacks more than once per turn, you might find this boss battle to last a little longer than what you've become accustomed to. This means it is extremely important you remove any status afflictions as soon as possible, to prevent them from ultimately becoming the party's demise. Since Manticore has a lower resistance to Mercury-based Psynergy, Mia will play an essential role in this battle. It is recommended you equip her with four Mercury Djinn so she has access to the Cleric's Wish Psynergy, however you can probably get by with Ply and plenty of Herbs. Continue assaulting the boss with Mercury Psynergy, summoning Djinn as necessary, while healing every few turns to ensure Isaac & Co emerge from the battle victorious.

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