Magma Rock

Magma Rock as it appears in the overworld.

Magma Rock is the last of the mountains you will encounter like this. Just like the others, this mountain holds a psynergy that is only able to be learned by one party member. In this case, it's Jenna. However, unlike all the other Mountains, you must scale to to the top to find a entrance and work your way down to the bottom to obtain the psynergy that awaits you. This Mountain has some very strong enemies, and some pretty rare items. It also has a Mars Djinn waiting just for you to come anc grab it, however it will fight you.

Throughout the entire dungeon, you'll be dealing with mostly Magma, hence the name Magma Rock, however it's not as simple as that. You'll have to alter switches to make them release the flow, or keep them and have the giant Tiki heads spew out lava. This is probably the hardest mountain because of the backtracking you must do. However, once you reach the bottom of the mountain from inside, you will be rewarded. It is also possible for a Lesser Demon to drop the Rune Blade which is pretty powerful for where you are right now. During this entire dungeon, you will be faced with powerful foes who not only can deal massive amounts of damage to you, but can also OHKO you easily with certain psynergy. As said, the Lesser Demon's attack Vital Moon can reduce you to 1 HP, or even KO you. Do NOT let them do this. Certain enemies also have the ability to use Condem, which can KO a party member on the spot, though it has low accuracy. Don't let ANYTHING in this dungeon take advantage of you and don't think this dungeon will be a walk in the park.

Once you have completed this mountain, that's it. No more mountains like this one!

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