Lunpa as he explains the erosion of the world.

Lunpa is a character in Golden Sun: The Lost Age that was known as the "Righteous Thief". Lunpa now resides in Lemuria after he once traveled the sea in search of treasure and bounty with Babi. During these voyages, a great flood washed their boat into Lemuria, stranding them there for a great while. It is here they met the great ruler of Lemuria, King Hydros. During this time, both Babi and Lunpa learned to use some Psynergy, by taking advantage of items that bestow Psynergy. However, unlike Lunpa, who stayed in Lemuria, Babi took some Draught and a Lemurian ship to escape.

While in Lemuria, Lunpa stayed young and strong because he drank the Draught. Lunpa now shows great respect for King Hydros. The two then discover that the world is eroding, and work together to try and stop it.

As the party meets Lunpa in his house, he will have a conversation about the outside world with them. Lunpa will then take the party to King Hydros to show that the world is eroding.

Lunpa created the town Lunpa (Town), named after himself. Lunpa has both a son and a grandson. His son's name is Donpa and his grandson's name is Dodonpa.

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