Lemuria as it appears in the overworld.

Lemuria is a land located in the Eastern Sea, shrouded by mist. Lemuria is a land where age is something that most people don't care about because some people can live to be 4-5 times the age of a normal persons lifespan. Piers is native to this area, and was washed out to sea from Poseidon's return. The other notable Lemurian who lives here is King Hydros, who is the ruler of Lemuria.

Years before, Babi and Lunpa made their way into Lemuria and met King Hydros. There they discussed how the world was changing and what they would do about it. Babi fled Lemuria with the drought. It's speculated that King Hydros and Lunpa contemplated this because Babi, while searching for a way to get back into Lemuria through his life, also was searching for another thing. This is what he had Kraden study and why he sent him to Vale. Then, after Piers meets up with the party (Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden) they made their way back to Lemuria and through the sea of whirlpools.The party then makes their way back, and defeats Poseidon, and enters Lumuria. The ruler of Lemuria is King Hydros, who is the oldest Lemurian. He gives Felix the Grindstone, which allows them to enter the Western Sea.

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