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Your crossing the Karakol sea. You've encountered a few monsters already, and these seemed easy enough. So your probably thinking, yeah, a boss is going appear soon. Well, your right. It is the Kraken. The biggest monster you will find on the Karakols sea. Be Careful, because it is quite dangerous.


[edit] Psynergy

Drench - A water base psynergy that drown 3 (max) party members in water.

Froth Sphere - A water based psynergy that hits all party members with water in spheres.

Ply - Heals 100 Hp of one.

The Kraken makes it's appearance on the boat while traveling to Tolbi.

[edit] Skills

Water Blessing - A water based skill for mercury damage to 3 (maz) party members.

Dark Blessing - May inflict Delusion on to the party.

Poison Beat - May inflict poison to one party member.

Spinning Beat - Attack one party member with tentacle.

[edit] Rewards

711 EXP, 5200 Coins, and a Water of Life.

[edit] Stratagies

This boss will hit quick and hard. The one easy way to beat him is to use Garet's Mars Djinn and strike hard after using Ivan to up Garets attack. Other than that, you need to attack and heal normally.

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