Full NameKraden

[edit] Background

Kraden, a old man who works for the lord of Tolbi. He was sent off to Mt. Adept for research for Babi. He met Isaac and party while there, and brought them to the peak of Mt. Adept, finding the elemental stars. Then, he was taken capture by Saturos and Menardi, and really isn't seen much until the end of the game. Although, on the 2nd game, he constantly follows you around while you are Felix. He's very knowledgeable, especially when it comes the elements and monsters that live in the world. He doesn't fight, though. Kraden is usually not talked about unless the party has come to a place where it has some big reference towards the story line, however, he does come out when you learn reveal and then talk to Madara, and when Alex reveals that Babi is dead. He appears in both games as a guide to help you, but for the most part, he does nothing of great significance. Kraden has taken an interest in Alchemy ever since he was put under the wing of Babi. He strives to learn more about Alchemy, and further his studies in it. Kraden is defined as a "true Scholar".

[edit] Role In GS

Kraden is mainly just there to help push the plot along. He can't fight, and all he really does is interact when the story's plot needs him. Although, from time to time, he does tell you were you need to go. Kraden is also probably a motivator, shown from when he cheered up Sheba after leaving the Jupiter Lighthouse. He does also have a role, because not only did he make the bags that carry the elemental stars, he knows a lot of the ways to get through the lighthouses.

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