King Hydros

Hydros is the King of Lemuria. He is a friend of Lunpa. Hydros is aware of how Weyward is eroding, and he believes lighting the Elemental Lighthouses to counter that. He gives Felix the Grindstone which the party uses to finally enter the Great Western Sea. He is the oldest of all the Lemurians. He is referred to as "good King Hydros" by the Lemurians, and seems to be well-liked by his people, with the exception of the members of the senate, who believe that lighting the elemental lighthouses will cause destruction.

King Hydro's has some speculated link to Altin Peak where the Hydros Statue is. It is speculated that because the statue and him share the "Hydros" in their names. Also, once the party goes to fight the statue, the room looks very similar to the architech that Lemuria has. This leaves speculation that

  • Altin Peak was once a place where Lemurians either lived.
  • Was a burial ground (This could be true at the Statue may be guarding more than the treasure chest.)
  • A place where Lemurians traded.

However, there is not a lot of information supporting these speculations.

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