Killer Ape

Killer Ape
Killer Ape.jpg
HP / PP1000 / 45
Elemental Power
  • Mercury 80
  • Jupiter 80
  • Venus 100
Elemental Resistance
  • Mars 25
  • Mercury 72
  • Jupiter 127
  • Venus 72
Experience460 Exp
Reward1500 Coins, Douse Drop

[edit] Description

A larger, more intimidating version of the Ape enemy, the Killer Ape is the boss of Mogall Forest in the original Golden Sun.

[edit] Attacks / Psynergy

Killer Ape battle sprite

Unlike its weaker relatives, the Killer Ape has access to limited Mercury and Jupiter Psynergy.

A unique spell that may seal a character's Psynergy.

Temporarily lowers your characters defense by 12.5%.

Offensive Mercury Psynergy that lobs orbs of water onto your party. It deals minor water damage to up to three of your characters.

Charges will full-force towards one of your characters and unleashes five brutal slashes, dealing Venus-based damage.

War Cry
Launches rings of vocal furor into one of your party members. It is aligned with the Jupiter element. This attack has a power of 45 and may occasionally inflict temporary Paralysis.

[edit] Boss Strategy

The baby blue fur does little more to make this boss more intimidating than any other Ape enemy you've encountered thus far. Having only 1000 HP makes this battle surprisingly cut-throat; all you have to worry about is having one of your characters downed before you can heal them, since the Killer Ape moves quickly and will generally attack before your party can react. Avoid using Jupiter Psynergy and Djinn here, as the boss has a beefy resistance to the element. Instead, have Garet spam Heat Wave along with any offensive Mars Djinn available. If your characters are above level 15 and you've been collecting all of the Djinn up to this point, you will find the Killer Ape to be a breeze.

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