Kibombo as it appears in the overworld.

Kibombo is located on the southern region of Gondowan and is a pretty secluded behind an array of mountains. The inhabitants are human, but relatively primal humans. They resemble an African culture, more like a culture that does not rely on technology on a day to day basis.

It is noted many times that the Kimbombo (named after their village name) are very warlike, however the warriors are simple farmers. However, what makes them so ferocious in battle is their spears which are laced with poison and their war paint which is enchanted by the head Witch Doctor to make their bodies more resilient than regular armor. Most of the population of the Kimbombo are just farmers or food gatherers, which greatly decreases their "ferocity" once you figure this out.

[edit] Story

During the story, the Kimbombo attack Madra and steals Piers gem for the witch doctor ceremony. Piers needs this gem to activate his boat, so when he is released, he sets off to Kimbombo to retrieve his gem. Once their, the party meets up with Piers, offering to help him get his gem back. After a series of puzzles within the Kimbombo Statue, the finally get up to the head of the statue where they discover that the reason why Akafubu needed the gem was to "appease" the great spirit of the Kimbombo. However, it is found out that Akafubu is an adept, after using the Lift psynergy. However, the statue does not work and doesn't allow him entrance to the statue. The party then discovers this is because of the age of the statue and the age has destroyed the mechanics that allow the Witch Doctor inside. The party fixes this and Akafubu enters. Once they meet up with Akafubu, he says that they can take their gem. Once in the deep reaches of the statue, the great spirit of the Kimbomo speaks to the party and Akafubu. He gives Akafubu a new wardrobe, but before he can give him the power of the witch doctor, Akafubu runs out. The spirit then promises the power to the first to reach it, but the spirit tells the party not to tell this to Akafubu as it might prevent him from ever becoming a witch doctor. The party takes their gem, and leaves Kimbomo, only to return to retrieve the Tomegathericon in the Gabombo Catacombs below the statue.

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