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A Jupiter Djinn

[edit] Element

Jupiter is also known as, 'The Goddess of the Air/Wind." In Golden Sun, she represents the wind. Ivan and Sheba are adepts of this element. Jupiter is the element that seems to have the most mysterious past, as both of the controllable Jupiter Adepts in the game have mysterious pasts. Ivan did not know much about his family, and could not even recognize his sister, Hama, when they first met. Sheba fell from the sky, presumably from Anemos, which is equally mysterious. Jupiter Adepts are identifiable in that they have access to the skills Mind Read and Whirlwind, both easily recognizable.

[edit] Summon

The summon Jupiter requires one Jupiter Djinn to summon, and is gained automatically. Upon being used, the summon will call one Jupiter Djinn that shoots purple blasts of energy at the opponent. If Jupiter is the first summon used by an Adept in a battle, that Adept's Wind Power will rise by 10 for the battle.

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