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Element Mars
Gender Female
Age 17
Weapons Staffs, Rods, and Light Blades
Hometown Vale

Jenna is a Mars Adept from the town of Vale, just like Isaac and Garet. She controls the power of Mars, or fire if you will, and has almost the same abilities as Garet does. Until Golden Sun: The Lost Age she has no real big part in the story, other than being taken away by Saturos and Menardi at the beginning as a bargaining chip forcing Isaac and Garet to relinquish the elemental stars to Saturos, Menardi, and Alex. She is also Felix's sister.

Once you start on the second game, Jenna will be a permanent character in your roster. She will be able to put her fiery passion to use for once. Her abilities also come with healing capabilities.

Throughout The Lost Age, it is heavily hinted that Jenna is Isaac's love interest, supported by small, often insignificant conversations between the characters.

Other strong incidents indicate Isaac as Jenna's love interest. An example of one of these incidents is referred to as the 'Madra Blush Scene', which takes place in the town of Madra. Where Sheba assumes that Jenna and Isaac are an 'item', after she expresses constant concern for him. Turning Jenna red.

[edit] Battle Information

Jenna is the main healer of the party in Golden Sun: The Lost Age (for the first half) because she is able to use healing psynergy that effects the entire party, while Felix is able to heal party member. However, she does not learn these healing abilities till later in the game (around the time you get the ship). However, she is very versatile. Her fire psynergy can deal massive damage when used at it's maximum level and she also had the ability to weaken the enemies defense with the psynergy Despair. People often refer Jenna as the Mia of the 2nd game, as said she is the main healer. Though, unlike the original game, if she and Felix fell, Piers can still heal the party, making her healing all ability very good at the time.

Jenna's main element is Mars, making her a main user of the firey flames that can easily scorch and entire field of enemies. Once Jenna get's to a high level, she can deal massive damage to all enemies with various fire like psynergies. Being able to weaken an enemies defense also allows her to deal more damage on top of the massive amount she can do already. It doesn't match up against Felix/Issac with Sol Blade attached, but it's for multiple enemy battles. Use her as much as you need to, because if you can get her leveled faster, you'll be able to use what she can learn earlier.

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