Element Jupiter
Gender Male
Age 15
Weapons Staffs, Light Blades, and Rods
Hometown Contigo

Ivan is a young Jupiter adept first encountered by Isaac and Garet in the town of Vault shortly after the two adepts leave Vale in pursuit of Saturos and Menardi. The townspeople in Vault inform Isaac and Garet that Ivan has "strange powers." It turns out that Ivan has the ability to read minds with his psynergy. Ivan was left in Vault by his lord Hammet of Kalay in order to retrieve Hammet's rod. After accomplishing this task with the help of Isaac and Garet, Ivan leaves the party temporarily to find Hammet. Ivan later returns to aid Isaac and Garet in their quest to retrieve the elemental stars and rescue Jenna and Kraden from Saturos and Menardi. It is later revealed that Ivan was adopted by Hammet long ago when Hammet traveled to Contigo and was given a prophecy by a mysterious Jupiter Adept (later revealed to be Ivan's sister, Hamma). Hammet was told that three years after the storm on Mt. Aleph, Ivan would depart on a journey with warriors from Vale (Isaac and Garet). Along with Ivan, Hammet was given the Shaman's Rod, which would be vital to Ivan's journey. However, at the end of Golden Sun, Ivan relinquishes the Shaman's Rod to Saturos and Menardi in order to save the life of Sheba.

In the second game, Ivan plays a much smaller role, seeming to be only a side character with the occasional small comment.

Ivan with all his magical might.

[edit] Abilities

In battle, Ivan's stats are skewed in a magical direction, given his low HP, terrible attack and defense. However, Ivan is the speediest character in the game and possesses the most PP of any character. Ivan's stats are virtually the same as Sheba's. He's able to learn the same psynergy, and the PP Speed are the highest (along with Sheba) of any character, making him always go first and have almost limitless PP. His psynergy attack hit all opponent (or most of them) and he has no single target psynergy (as long as he had only Jupiter Djinn).

Having Ivan always go first can actually be good thing. Give him things like Mist Potions, so if Mia/Jenna die and you have no heal all psynergy left, you can use the potions to heal 300 HP to everyone. However, at higher levels, this is not really effective. Though, during the story this is very useful as Ivan usually goes first (if no other party member has equipment that raises speed) and can pump up attack and resistance. He can also lower the resistance (all 4) of the enemies making it easier to damage them with elemental attacks. Ivan's more suited to helping others out with stat boosts rather than attacking so this is really an excuse to help him make up for the bad attack, defense, and health stats.

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